Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dedication from the 2009 Book, Saving Jesus From The Church

Dedication from the 2009 Book
Saving Jesus From The Church
By Robin R. Meyers

When I picked up the book this morning, newly arrived from Amazon, and read the Dedication it blew me away.  What a wonderful, caring and enlightened statement from a man who loves God, loves Jesus and loves the church.

Meyers Dedication:

I dedicate this book to all the men and women who have chosen the parish ministry as their life’s work, and yet do not wish to be considered harmless artifacts from another age.  May all those who labor in the most misunderstood, dangerous, and sublime of all professions be encouraged and inspired by the possibility that one’s head and one’s heart can be equal partners in faith.  Lest the church end up a museum piece whose clergy are affable but laughable cartoons, we must once again dedicate ourselves to this wild calling—one that led us away from more comfortable lives and into the only profession where radical truth-telling is part of the job description.  May we fear no man and no creed, save our own timidity, and may we encourage and support one another in pursuit of religion that is biblically responsible, intellectually honest, and emotionally satisfying, and socially significant.

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  1. One of the best descriptions of the work of a priest/pastor that I have ever seen. I will begin reflections on the book today.