Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Slowing Down the Mind, Experiencing the Presence of God

Slowing Down the Mind, Experiencing the Presence of God

After a busy half week in North Alabama full of fun and people and things to do, I am sitting at my desk/dinning room table in Central Alabama watching it rain slowly on the lake.  The leaves on the trees are changing colors and there is a touch (just a touch) of fall in the air.  I am “supposed” to be turning a sermon into a blog post and reviewing Medicare part D and Supplemental information so that my wife and I can “do what needs to be done.”  Instead the rain, as it often does, has made me pensive.  Like so many human beings my brain often takes off at high speed to figure out everything that needs to be done in my life, including some things that really do not need to be done at all.  At times I convince myself that everything that needs to be done needs to be done right now, and probably by me. 

It is days like today that remind me, and hopeful some of you as well, that life is a gift and that if we can slow our bodies down and our minds down at times, that we can appreciate and enjoy that gift even more.  There is so much beauty in this world: the lakes, the trees, the mountains and hills, and the people in our lives.  On a day like today I can enjoy the beauty without having to do anything to change it, or fix it, or make it better and more beautiful.  I can think about my friends and family members and experience the emotions I feel when I am in their presence.  I can reflect on how much they mean to me and how my life is better because they are in my it.  I can even reflect on the times I have hurt others or others have hurt me and turn all the hurt over to God.  I can ask forgiveness for the hurts I have caused and let go of the hurt I have received.  (I do recognize that prayer and good therapy can be necessary as well.)

There are places for me to go today and people for me to see, but this peaceful interlude might just change how I treat the people I meet and perhaps even how I treat myself.

Remember, it was in the ‘Still small voice” that Elijah knew God, and it was in the quite places when he was alone that Jesus was able to commune with God the Creator, thus renewing His strength for His journey.  I pray that today you and I will also find blessing and peace, strength and courage.

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